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Staff Application

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IGN - Petrie
Yes, i was staff on FuzePvP, and another small faction server. I also owned my own soup server.
To look for their hacks, i will first look through their .minecraft's, versions mods. Then, I would use process hacker to try to find strings of hacks. Finally, if i cant find anything like that i will use an SS tool to do it.
I can help by trying to catch as many cheaters, or toxic people that their are. Also, I will try to record people if i see them using hacks, so i have sufficent evidence.
Discord - Petrie#9302 
Skype - live:bisonspvp
2, English and a little bit of spanish.
On week days, i will be able to deticate up to 5 hours on the server. But, on weekends I can spend as long as i want on the server.
Yes, I can handle the rank because i have been in higher staff positions before, and i have past experiance.
Some of the things i currently like doing are; selling and trading Semi-OG accounts, recording youtube videos, and learning C#.



I will vote for, because we need more staff members from other countries :).



Vouch +1 , he is a great staff + nice person.


You are here » CrownPvP »  Chat/Helper Application » Staff Application